Saturday, April 23, 2011

Xtreme Quads

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            | PC Game | Genre: Racing | {46MB}

Bike Racing Game Description: Quad Extreme Racer is a racing sport where you have to ride a quad bike trough the trial and obstacles. Play quad bike games now, try to complete the 21 levels.Start your engines! XTreme Quads features wild quad bike racing over even wilder terrain.Only the best bikers will be able to rise up from the Amateur races until they are challenging for the Pro title.As you progress through XTreme

Quads you'll gain access to new courses, extra stages and wicked new quad bikes.
So, hold on tight, there are miles and miles of unrelenting track to cover before you can be crowned the champion, and the only guarantee is that the ride is going to be eXTreme!

Game Modes
Press the cursor keys to select one of the items outlined below, and press the Enter button. Press the Esc button to return to the 'Main Menu' Screen.

If you want to be the champion you'll have to rip apart the opposition. Each competition is raced over 4 tracks.

For each track the following points are up for grabs:

1st = 8 Points
2nd = 5 Points
3rd = 3 Points
4th = 2 Points
5th = 1 Point
6th = 0 Points


Password:- raja

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