Saturday, April 23, 2011

Fate of the Dragon

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It’s too trendy to point out how ubiquitous our 21st Century Orientalism has become -- almost as ubiquitous as the real-time strategy genre. Still, the fact remains that the Far East is a fascinating place and a staple motif of electronic gaming Three Kingdoms: Fate of the Dragon isn’t the first game to utilize the warlord period following the fall of the Han dynasty as a backdrop for adventure and intrigue.
Most notable would be the titles from Koei, and the most recent of those is Dynasty Warriors for Playstation 2. Being the console editor, I feel obligated to note that. However, in Fate of the Dragon, the heroes and historical figures you encounter become more than just the names of tough guys. Fate of the Dragon offers some real historical knowledge about a certain time period in China, and it does it in a package that is mostly enjoyable. 



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